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Richard Wolper is a successful entrepreneur and business owner with a broad range of experience in landscaping, construction, and the restaurant industry. As the Mark 25 Companies CEO and co-founder, he has demonstrated a remarkable ability to develop projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Richard also owns Black Rock Concrete LLC. and Black Rock Trees LLC., a sprawling tree farm specializing in mature trees over 20 feet tall in the Idaho panhandle. His commitment to philanthropy is equally impressive, and he has generously given to various charitable causes.

Born in Warwick, Rhode Island, in 1966, Richard moved to Utah as a teenager, where he discovered his passion for construction. After graduating from Alta High School, he earned contractor licenses in General Engineering E100, Landscape and Recreation S330, and General Building B100. Richard quickly gained recognition for his work, taking on several large, profitable projects, such as the $22 million Rocky Mountain Raceway, the Fox Point project worth $8 million in Draper, Utah, and a $3 million project in Riverton City, Utah.

Richard's entrepreneurial drive and strong work ethic led him to Park City, a popular tourist destination known for hosting the Sundance Film Festival. There, he completed several successful projects, including high-end residential landscaping for wealthy clients and the $88 million Iroquois residential development site project, which involved excavation and the set-up of a sewer, water, and storm drain system. His hard work and dedication to the Park City area earned him several accolades, including the Best Landscaping Business of the Year award.

Wolper's unwavering commitment to excellence, hard work, and philanthropy have inspired many, and his impressive career achievements inspire others to reach their goals.

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Richard Wolper

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Richard Wolper
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